Through our Tier 1 co-investment partners and industry network, we have become a magnet for the most disruptive early stage technology companies.


From an initial population of 5000+ companies and via a rigorous due diligence process we invest in 30 companies a year.


Through our unique advisory programme, FOM unifies a global network of investors and advisors to accelerate growth.

Investment Opportunity

FOM’s investment strategy aims to deliver an easy and risk managed way of investing in early stage technology companies. Through portfolio diversification and (S)EIS tax reliefs we have mitigated the risk whilst keeping room for upside potential. Through our strategic industry partners, including Tier 1 Venture Capitalists, Accelerators, Incubators and Universities we see thousands of companies a year to curate a diverse portfolio of 30 early stage technology investments across all sub-sectors. In addition our investors have the ability to participate and co-invest in later rounds.

We believe in transparency and the power of data. With this in mind, FOM has created a unique, innovative and completely transparent investment portal giving investors access to investment opportunities, detailed reports and data on the underlying investments. The unification of all of these elements has positioned Force Over Mass as a central point in the technology eco-system; where investors, advisors and early stage companies can come together. Our risk mitigated approach on the “super-growth” technology sector presents a rare investment opportunity.

how it works


FOM works with selected Tier 1 partners including the leading Incubators, Accelerators, Universities and Venture Capitalists. Through this network FOM receives access to exclusive deal flow that has already been through advanced industry Due Diligence.


Within a 12 month period FOM investors will have a diverse portfolio of 30 high growth potential early stage technology companies run by the UK’s leading entrepreneurs.


Our investors gain unique insight to FOM’s strategic network of investors, advisors and early stage technology companies. Providing unparalleled access with first mover ability.


FOM investors have the ability to view their portfolio online and across all devices, through our state of the art portal. Creating a fully transparent primary and in the coming years potential secondary market.

Investment Portal Overview

  • Gives you full flexibility and transparency
  • Providing you with the data you need when you need it
  • Enabling you to make informed decisions and build your portfolio the way you want it
  • Across all devices, anywhere, anytime!

Gain insights

  • Real time data
  • Taking the complexity out of analytics
  • Overview at a glance or in depth
  • Sectorial analysis

Advisory Programme

At Force Over Mass we firmly believe in the fundamental principles of nurturing our investments through to exit. Our global network of industry leaders assist our portfolio companies at the highest level via our Advisory Programme. This has made Force Over Mass a magnet for the best innovators.

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Investment Policy

The aim for the Force Over Mass Capital SEIS/EIS Fund is to invest its investors’ subscription monies in unquoted, early stage companies which are qualifying companies for the purposes of the Enterprise Investment Scheme and/or Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, offering investors, who meet the schemes’ qualifying criteria, the bonus of obtaining the tax advantages associated with such investments. We typically target technology companies with significant growth potential but we may invest in different sectors from time-to-time where we feel there are strong growth opportunities.

In managing our Fund and making investments on your behalf, we shall have regard to EIS and SEIS legislation and HMRC’s policies in relation to these schemes and take all reasonable steps in order that the fund’s investments attract the SEIS and/or EIS tax reliefs for our investors. Each company in which your monies are invested will be a qualifying company for the purposes of the SEIS or EIS legislation. As to whether you are able to claim any of the tax reliefs depends on your own personal tax circumstances. Please therefore take professional advice from an FCA authorised financial adviser or a solicitor before investing.

We have a firm belief in portfolio theory and therefore each investor’s subscription in our Fund will be invested in a minimum of 30 investee companies. No investor will ever have more than 25% of their subscription in the Fund invested in a single investee company.

Follow On Investments

Once you have made your first subscription in the Fund, when you decide to make a further description in the Fund, you have a little more flexibility in how your additional subscription monies are invested.

Invest funds in the upcoming 30

If you choose this option on your application form or through our portal, your additional subscription monies will be pooled with your uninvested initial subscription monies and invested in the remainder of the investee companies required to give you a total Portfolio of 30 investee companies.

Invest after your first 30

If you choose this option on your application form or through our portal, your additional subscription monies will be invested in 30 new investee companies once your original subscription in the Fund has been fully invested. You will end up with two Portfolios of 30 investee companies each, 60 in total.

Choose your investment

Once you have invested a minimum of £25,000 you can request a preference for the Fund to invest your additional subscription monies in a single one of our existing investee companies or prospective investee companies listed on our portal. We will always use our reasonable endeavours to procure that the Fund invests your additional subscription monies in the investee companies you have selected in your Application though this will depend on whether the Investee Company in which you have requested the Fund to invest is carrying out a funding round and the amount it is seeking to raise. 

Where you do make such an investment, your additional subscription monies will not be invested in any other away unless we have spoken to you and you have given your consent in writing for us to do so.

It’s important to know that any investments made on any investor’s behalf in a specific Investee Company will always be managed in common with all the investments in the Fund.

How does the structure work?

The Force Over Mass Capital SEIS/EIS Fund has a typical structure for an EIS fund. Though these are generally deemed for regulatory purposes to be Alternative Investment Funds, they do not have their own separate legal personality like a company or limited liability partnership. By investing in the Fund you are engaging Force Over Mass Capital LLP as your discretionary investment manager to invest your subscription monies in accordance with the terms and conditions of our investor agreement and with our Investment Policy All other investors in the Fund will enter into the same investor agreement and it is the aggregate of all these agreements that form the Fund.

We manage all of our investors’ investments in common. We are responsible for selecting which companies to invest our investors’ subscriptions, managing those investments and then realising those investments. Please note that you will have certain withdrawal rights (see below).


Under the terms of our investor agreement, each investor appoints FOMCAP Nominees Limited as its nominee. Each time an investment is to be made by the Fund, we will direct the nominee to purchase and hold a specific number of investee company shares. The nominee will then be the registered owner of the investee company shares, but for legal and tax purposes individual investors will be the beneficial owners of such shares. When your subscription is fully invested you will have a small beneficial shareholding in 30 investee companies.

Using a nominee structure allows us to invest in early stage investee companies in an efficient manner. Most early stage companies prefer to deal with a small number of shareholders rather than encounter the extensive administration that comes with a wide shareholder base.

Fund raising process and investment process

The number of shares in investee companies which will be issued to the nominee on investors’ behalf will normally be allocated to investors in proportion to their respective subscription in the Fund. As investment opportunities arise at different times, the subscriptions of a later investor may not be invested in all or any of the investee companies in which an earlier investor is invested, similarly an early investor in the Fund may not have sufficient uninvested cash in his portfolio to participate in the same investments as a later investor.

We do reserve the right to depart from this basis of allocation if we deem it appropriate to do so having regard to the overall investment policy of the Fund and the benefit of creating diversity within the portfolios of investors.


Given the high-risk nature of investing in start-ups, the Force Over Mass SEIS/EIS Fund is only open to investment from investors who have sufficient knowledge, experience and expertise to understand the significant risks of investing in early stage companies and EIS funds. We do not accept subscriptions from any investor who would have to be treated as retail clients for regulatory purposes. For this reason, we require investors to pass our Eligible Investor Questionnaire before we offer them an opportunity to invest.

We recommend that in any event you consult an adviser as to whether an investment in the Force Over Mass Capital SEIS/EIS fund is suitable for you.

Withdrawal rights

You are entitled to terminate our appointment as your investment manager of your assets in the Force Over Mass SEIS/EIS Fund within the following timeframes:

  • Cash: at any time.
  • EIS shares: at any time after the expiry of seven years following the issue of the shares;
  • EIS shares which can be dealt in on a recognised investment exchange: at any time after the expiry of five years following the issue of the shares; and
  • non-EIS shares: at any time after the expiry of six months following the date on which they ceased to be EIS shares.

These rights are referred to in the EIS industry as withdrawal rights. Essentially, any cash that we haven’t invested on your behalf in investee companies (less any fees deducted) can be withdrawn at any time.

Still don’t get it?

For more information please visit our FAQ section or alternatively contact us on: or +44(0) 203 826 0335