Oxford, UK

Augmented Intelligence to unleash human potential
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About the company

Founded by two Oxonians, MeVitae leverages deep AI and data-driven approaches to solve the biggest and toughest human capital challenges. The aim is to uncover insights, and making intelligent and personalised decisions, tailored to every company’s needs

The Problem

There are several factors that limit our brain’s decision-making, from speed-accuracy trade-off to our 2.5 petabyte memory capacity


MeVitae is an autonomous decision-making system aimed at answering the toughest executive questions companies face

How it works

Their modular technology compensates for different brain restrictions. These include neuroimaging to combat brain biases to deep learning and autonomous Big Data to feed our brain with limitless knowledge. This deep tech can be used to plug in and play to solve different challenges, by adapting and learning through the collaboration of machines and humans working together to make an integrated intelligence

The Market

With an initial focus on the employment sector, the industry is worth £348.5 billion (Ciett 2016) and shows the highest degree of fragmentation. Several brain power factors limit the current hiring process, especially executive challenges (diversity in workforce, talent market prediction etc). Firms are looking for 3rd party cloud based decision-making solutions and as a result have turned towards the £10.6bn human capital software market (expected to grow 9.8% CAGR to £14.01bn by 2019)

Company Traction

MeVitae is supported by the likes of the European Space Agency BIC, Innovate UK, Microsoft and more. Having released its cognitive solution earlier this year, MeVitae it has garnered interest of over 15+ multimillion dollar companies including clients, such as the Satellite Applications Catapult


Awards include Top 50 Game Changers of Thames Valley, Top 100 Influential UK Tech Business Leaders and finalist at the Young Entrepreneur Award. Featured on BBC, Oxford University and Forbes

The Team