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FOM's investment strategy aims to deliver an easy and risk managed way of investing in early-stage technology companies. Through portfolio diversification and (S)EIS tax reliefs we have mitigated the risk whilst keeping room for upside potential. Through our strategic industry partners, including Tier 1 Venture Capitalists, Accelerators, Incubators and Universities we see thousands of companies a year to curate a diverse portfolio of 30 early stage technology investments across all sub-sectors. In addition, our investors have the ability to participate and co-invest in later rounds.

We believe in transparency and the power of data. With this in mind, Force Over Mass has created a unique, innovative and completely transparent investment portal giving investors access to investment opportunities, detailed reports and data on the underlying investments. The unification of all of these elements has positioned Force Over Mass as a central point in the technology eco-system; where investors, advisors and early stage companies can come together. Our risk mitigated approach on the “super-growth” technology sector presents a rare investment opportunity.

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